TOP "GEMSTONES - talisman"
- Magic Theater selected, wishing Higher Consciousness -

Since ancient age, we, humankind has been with many kinds of stone (mineral). Gemstones such like Lapis Lazuli, Amber framed by Gold have been loved as precious things, from the age of Mesopotamia downward, and the stories and uses for them have been told together with for today.

Magic Theater selects several stones from many kinds of them, for making original items. You can find them on our original items at this WEB page. You might feel them a little bit narrow choice. Sorry about this, but we selected which we do love and feel so good to be with now, and also satisfy the themes and expression of us.

However, we understand that each person should take and be with the stone satisfied each individual needs. So, we almost always try to keep or to get other kinds of stone to fill various calls as possible as we could. And the same time, we could assist you in wearing your naked stone, by framing with Gold, Silver, Platinum, or knitting into a hemp pouch and so on, but boring on stone (we don't do this way). If you have such a stone, please come to our studio, at Jingumae, to show it, first of all.

We have tried and upped the arrangement of several meanings of stones have been told for today, on this WEB page, but now they are all in the Japanese language. We would like to translate them into English, but it is so hard for us to do that, at our poor English. Slowly, slowly, we would like to try it, maybe, someday. We hope.

Thank you!