" Elements of the Sacred "
Images by Michael Ash
no tree paper 100% Hemp Fiber
150 yen / pc.

Hand Printed Photos & Fine Art Cards
Images by Michael Ash
fine art post card \400
small print (127mm×178mm) \2000
large print (217mm×280mm) \4000

自らが、1枚1枚最善の注意をはらって、プリントし たものです。

All of the images in this Hawaiian series were self-printed by the artist on
the finest archival fine art watercolor and matte papers currently available for digital printing.
This method of printing allows the artist the greatest control over the final print while allowing
the use of a wide range of fine art papers, in the case of the fine art watercolor papers made from
tree-free, cotton fibers, resulting in an image that in both tone and material is integral with the
original vision, of a splendour that is harmonious and kind.