"about order"


About Order
- Domestic -
You can make inquiries about our stuffs and also place order by e-mail as following mail-form, but as for rings we need measure your size, so we would like to ask you coming to Atelier Magic Theater, if you could.
Concerning all ordered items of our original, sorry but the returning and exchange could not be accepted, because we always start to make them at the receiving each order. Kindly comprehend this.
About the Payment
After receiving the order, we will calculate all the cost including tax and shipping charge, and e-mail back the total cost with the delivery date and bank account of us, to you . Then if you could accept all about them, the payment could be done and we will start to make it at the notice of it.
About Stones
As some items with stone, we could set other than the stones on WEB page. Please ask us if you would like different kinds from them. These stones are all natural, so each of them are different looks from WEB page. We would select and set the stones as best qualities as we could.
About Repairing of our goods
We could repair about all of our jewelry items. Kindly ask us before your sending, and we would tell you about the cost and so on. At the sending, please take care about the packing, not to be damaged on the way to Magic Theater, putting in the box with any kinds of cushion, something like this.

- Foreign Country -
Because of the difference from above the term of domestic shipping and payment, please request us by e-mail, inform us your name, address and phone number, as well as the goods which you would like to buy or what Magic Theater could do for you, anytime. We will e-mail you the reply, as soon as possible.