"about order"


About Order
- Domestic & Overseas -
Please feel free to make inquiries about our stuffs and also place order by e-mail as following mail form:) As for the order about the rings, we need to know the size which you have already measured + the type of gauge by which you have measured (meaning it is US size? or EU size? or JP size?,,,we need to know and also need to know the width of its gauge),,, so the e-mail with the photos of the gauge which you measured, would be helpful for us to understand the suitable size for your finger.
About the Payment
After receiving the order, we will reply all the cost including tax + shipping charge and the delivery date. The payment for the order could be wiring to our bank account or charge by PayPal, you could choose. After the payment we will start to make and shipping around the delivery date.
About Stones
About some items with stone, we could set other than the stones on web page. Please ask us if you would like different kinds of stone. These stones are all natural, so each different looks. We would select and set the stones as best qualities as we could in that time.
About Repairing of our goods
We could repair about all of our jewelry items. Kindly ask us before your sending, and we would tell you about the cost etc. At the sending, please take care about the packing, not to be damaged on the way to Magic Theater, putting in the box with any kinds of cushion, something like this.

- for Foreign Country -
Magic Theater officail site and our web store are described in Japanese language, so, please inform us the item name and price etc., which you would like to order or inquiry about, with your name, address and phone number, as well, anytime.
We will e-mail you the reply, as soon as possible. ...(-:Thank You:-)...